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Flamenco Shows in Miami

Some people say flamingo dance when they are referring to the most recognized Spanish dancing: Flamenco dance! Regardless of that, if you are looking world-class Flamenco dancers in Miami, waiting for them to look like flamingo dancing, we are what you are looking for to make your next event one to remember!

We can customize your Flamenco Show to your preferences and budget!

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We have the best experienced “bailarinas de Flamenco” and “grupo Flamenco” Spanish guitar player, cajon player and cantaor! We will create the best Flamenco and Spanish ambience for your event.

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Flamenco Events

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a Mediterranean flavor. At StepFlix, we keep traditions alive for you to enjoy in your special moments; our flamenco dancers or bailaores and Spanish musicians are the perfect touch for any event and even more so when it comes to a flamenco event. From traditional flamenco, with quick footwork and fantastic precision, to Spanish folk music, with guitar strings, infectious rhythms, hand clapping, and finger-snapping, we have a wide selection from around the world.

It’s a magical thing that the energy of a Spanish show can convey. To keep up with the times, many Spanish-inspired acts have adapted to current flamenco themes for a fun and fresh fusions to add a personalized touch to your event, as well as interactive flamenco shows where our musicians and dancers/bailaoras get in touch with the guests, making your event an unforgettable moment.

What about Flamenco Dance?

You and your guests will finish shouting a big & emotional Olé! Flamenco is the perfect dancing show for any occasion because it can express all emotional repertoire: from deep sadness to the biggest joy. No one can resist getting amazed with a Flamenco Dance when it’s danced from the soul, and that is what our flamenco bailarinas & bailarines do, dancing from his and her hearts, allowing their zapateos to express all their emotions.

Customized a Flamenco Show

Whether you don’t know what you want or feel certain that you desire a flamenco dancing with castanets, we will advise and customize your Flamenco show to your needs and budget. We offer from one flamenco dancer to an entire Flamenco group: Spanish guitar player, cajon player, cantaor, and as many flamenco dancers, as you want. Some great ideas are a flamenco couple performing a traditional flamenco dance called Sevillanas, a flamenco fan dance, or the Spanish dancing, including fire, with a live flamenco music group.

Looking for a Flamenco dancer in Miami? A Flamenco dancing near me? Or the best Flamenco show in Miami? We are what you are looking for! We have the best bailarinas de Flamenco en Miami and we do the best Flamenco shows, we go everywhere you want us to Flamenco dance at you party or event, at your house, at a ballroom, at a hotel, at a restaurant; we are the solution for your search of flamenco show near me!

What kind of Spanish and Flamenco performances do you offer?

StepFlix Entertainment offers you a wide variety of Spanish and Flamenco dancers, Flamenco singers, and Flamenco musicians. If you are interested in hiring a flamenco artist, there are many dance teams, solo flamenco dancers, Spanish guitarists, and Spanish guitar bands to consider.

On the other hand, you can also hire custom flamenco dancers who can perform elegant and fast-paced routines dressed in extravagant costumes to suit and match the style of your event. Many different themed entertainment options are available, and you can find out more by contacting our entertainment specialists today.

Flamenco could be as variated as you want

There are over 50 different Flamenco rhythms, called Palos, these are classified by elements such as rhythmic patterns, chord progression and stanzas. Some Palos are sung acapella while others have guitar or the cajon, which is a box that performs the percussion. Some palos are exclusively for men and others for women, while some may be performed by either.

StepFlix provides packages to provide the most amazing Flamenco Show for your event.

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