Flash Mobs

Flash Mob Performers

Disguised dancers who suddenly surprise your crowd with their performance

Imagine that your loved one is in a public place and suddenly, a group of people start dancing in sync. That’s right, it’s a flash mob! A flash mob is a fun and surprising way to spice up your day with some entertainment and joy. Moreover, a flash mob can also be a powerful tool to promote your brand and reach your audience. That’s why StepFlix offer’s you the best flash mob service in Miami, FL and throughout Florida, including Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville. StepFlix Entertainment will design, create and produce a customized flash mob for you, and we will also record it with our professional video team. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your loved one happy and your brand stand out with a flash mob!

Using surprise shows and creative performances of dance, theater, and musicals, the flash mob brings the arts directly into people’s lives. StepFlix Entertainment offers local flash mobs for hire to help hundreds of people celebrate and be entertained. Moreover, StepFlix helps businesses and marketers create surprise flash mobs and engaging themes for their audiences.

A flash mob is a fun way to create an unforgettable experience in a public space. It can be a street, a square, a train station, or a park. One of the essential characteristics of these events is that they are improvised. Nobody knows that there will be a show. Suddenly, the music surprises with original ideas and excellent quality. Flashmobs can have different purposes. They can promote a particular brand, claim something socially or politically, spread campaigns without lucrative motives, or simply have fun and amaze the audience.

The flashmob is organized in crowded places, where participants infiltrate the public and go out as if they were spontaneous. They begin to develop the work in perfect harmony. At the end, the flashmob performers dissolve as if nothing has happened, leaving the spectators amazed and wanting more.

Flash mobs are great for proposals, weddings, birthdays, marketing campaigns, product launches, grand openings, trade shows, conferences, award ceremonies, holiday parties, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and more! We produce the best flash mobs in Miami and travel all over to provide our team of dancers and best choreographers for your flash mob.

Prices Starting at $280 per Dancer and $350 per Singer

*This price is for Miami area. Outside this area, prices vary according to the distance

We can customize a Flash Mob to your preferences & budget.

Do you want to be in the flash mob too? Our choreographers will create the routine; our dance instructors will teach you the choreography and our dancers will make sure you have a blast.

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